Off to Canada

A quick card to share...I'm off to Canada to meet Virginia, TRace, Sarah and Karen!!!!!
I'm so excited I can't stand it! Have a great weekend!


We Have a Winner

I'm here to announce the winner for my giveway and here is what she will be winning.

First I would like to thanks to all my Blog Followers I really appreciate your support and I wish you all could win but someone has to win soooooo..... the prize goes to....... Amanda Profumo !!! Amanda is a new follower so that's exciting! Big Congrats Amanda !!

Tuesday's Tipster and Teaser Card

Tuesday Tipster Teaser


I hope you find this tip useful especially for you who don't like to color. This speed paper piecing is great for some stamps but, not all. I will say this is a great way to make a quick and elegant card. Have a great day and I'll announce the winner for my blog candy tonight.


#3 for CAARDvarks

I've been trying some things for my Tuesday Tipsters so I ended up making another card for the CAARDvarks challenge. Have a great day it's a beautiful fall day today on the East Coast.


A Blank Card for the CAARDvarks Challenge

I love sewing lots of ribbon on a card. To make the " scrunched" ribbon all you need to do is find some ribbon that has stitching on it. Cut the thread and gather...easy and so fun. I think this is a great way to show case different widths and textures of ribbon to enhance a card. The flower is a NEW Hero Arts cling stamp and so is the background.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great weekend?
Oh By the way..... Any chance you will make a card for Eric. I have been seeing some posted on on Flickr and it's so exciting to see people sending some love to this family that really needs a miracle. Thanks soooo much! :)


Card for Eric and .....

This card is for Eric and I know he can really use some cheering up so if you have a minute please try to make a card...maybe you will win a prize too. Scroll down for details :)
This is for Eric's five year old sister
I'm sure Eric's mom has a ton of people she'll want to thank so I made her this 8 pack of Thank You cards.
Have a great weekend! I hope your families are happy and healthy! Hugs,Kathy


CAARDvarks Ribbon Challenge

I have 5 different ribbons on this card and you really must click on it to see the ribbon up close and personal!! I want to make some more of these...I almost love to sew as much as I do coloring...almost!
Have a great day! Kathy
If you are new to my blog scroll down for a contest and tips on making backgrounds like this. :)


Hero Arts New Cling is my Blog Candy

I love this NEW Hero Arts Cling Stamp. So much fun to color but, for this card I stamped on different papers to match my background and pieced it together for the Hero Arts Challenge this week. Scroll down for my givaway and how to make this background. My next card will be for Eric and I hope you will have a chance to make a card too. :) IF you don't already know this Jennifer McGuire is offering great prizes for "Cards for Eric" so read below.

Cards for Eric

Hello All, As most of you know Jennifer McGuire has received an AMAZING amount of cards for Kate. She was so amazed by all the cards and had decided to bring another child into her card drive. So if you want to make more cards you can make them for Eric. Jennifer said ,"If you have already sent cards, those will go to Kate and her family. But any future ones - it would be great if they were made for Eric and his family. (You will be eligible for the same prizes.) In hopes that we can get cards for him, too, we will extend the deadline just a touch - the prizes will be drawn on October 31 - so you have time to get them in before we pick prize winners."

Here is the info on Eric...


Eric's dad works with my husband and they are the nicest family! Unfortunately Eric has ALD. (ALD is an inherited recessive genetic disorder linked to the X chromosome. The 1992 movie "Lorenzo's Oil" brought this rare disorder to the world's attention.) He was diagnosed on May 18th, and his little brother received the same diagnosis on May 29th. For information and updates on Eric, you can visit his website HERE.

Eric's mom, Leslie says, “Eric is a fighter and he has endured a tremendous amount. I am confident that he will not surrender. The docs have not thrown the towel in and we have not either... so pray hard everyone because we really do need a miracle.”

Eric will be 9 on 10/26. He has a sister (Rachel - 7) and brother (Jacob - 5). His dad is Bob and his mom is Leslie.

All the "guidelines," mailing info, etc is the same as for Kate. You can find it all HERE. Again, we would love it if you mailed the cards to arrive here by October 31.

So please it would be so wonderful if you could find the time to make a card for Eric and his family - that would be wonderful. I know that your cards will really touch this family and bring some sunshine that they really need.

Thanks so much! Hugs,Kathy

P.S. Leslie LOVES anything and everything creative...she will be in awe of the creativity !


Hero Arts Challenge

Make Your Own Happiness

Close Up

Hello... I finally had some time to make a card for the Hero Arts Challenge this week. It's all about piecing paper together so for this owl I stamped it 5 times then cut and distressed each piece. For the owl's face I made eye lids from paper and eye lashes from flowers. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!
If you don't know this already you can click on the photo to see it larger. I can't beleive I didn't add ONE dot!

Tuesday Tipster #4 Teaser and THE GIVE AWAY

This card I love ...I would never use all these orange and pinks together but, it works really great.(all these papers were laying in my pile including the frog) A card made of total scraps! So read below for my tips on how to create one of your own. Here is the GIVEWAY ...the NEW HERO ARTS FLOWER CLING STAMP is yours and some of my blank cards. You can add a sentiment or leave it be ! Here are the details
In order to win you have to sign up to "follow me" yup bribery and if I'm lucky enough that you already are following me then leave a comment and if you get a friend to "Follow me" then you can leave another comment so you have a greater chance to win! I'll announce the winner next Tuesday so you have until Sunday to sign up or sign a friend up to follow me. Don't forget to tell me at the end of this post.

I hope you like this give away!:)
Below is pic of me sewing some easy.

See the card below and then some.

Scroll all the way down for more info on making these fun cards.
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday Tipster #4 Using your scraps quickly & easily

I'm excited about this Tuesday Tipster and a GIVE AWAY!! In order to win you have to sign up to "follow me" yup bribery and if I'm lucky enough that you already are following me then leave a comment and if you get a friend to "Follow me" then you can leave another comment so you have a greater chance to win a HEW HERO ARTS CLING FLOWER STAMP! Hope that makes sense.
Last week I was so inspired with Shari's ATC cards on the HA blog that is what got me rocking for this Tipster.

This was my dilemma .... my growing paper pile so I decided to sew them together quickly to make a card without to much thinking.

Grab some coordinating colors in different sizes

Lay them out and sew together adding as you are sewing or you can put a piece of tape on the back to hold papers together.

Then fill in the spaces so you will have the desired cards shape you want. I added the green check here. Sew that together.

Now have fun and add decorative stitching around every edge of the papers and trim the boarders.

Then I stamped the NEW Hero Arts Florish background stamp and did some distressing. See the card below I sewed some ribbon on (for the CAARDvards challenge) and added some dots.
Have fun and I'll show you some more I made as well....I used 85% of my paper pile so I was pretty happy.



This is another Artist Trading Card & this was inspired by Shari's awesome ATC cards on the Hero Blog. Hero Arts is hosting a ATC trade and there are so many talented women you are guaranteed to get 9 great trading cards and lots of inspiration. There is still time to sign up and here are the details.
For this I was really excited to create something from a deck of cards and use up a few paper scraps. The background is Hero Arts NEW Friendship cling stamp and the NEW butterfly cling.I colored the butterfly with Copic markers. Don't forget to sign up you might end up with a trading card from the famous Shari.


Today is World Card Making Day

Such an exciting I will be featured as a guest designer on the CAARDvarks blog. They have some exciting things going on and will be posting every hour on the hour from 8am - 10pm, PST a different designer and many of them are my friends so I don't know what's better than that! Here is CAARDvarks link Don't you just love these images? They are the NEW Hero Arts Cling Stamps and I LOVE them much fun to color! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! Hugs,Kathy

My ATC is on Hero Arts Blog Today!...maybe there were some problems

Hello Everyone It's an exciting day because I have this ATC featured on the Hero Arts blog today. I used the woodgrain stamp as my base for the owl and to create the fence. I cut the owl up into sections so I could distress it all up and added some colors and dots. Stamped the frog with the screen shadow stamp . For the background I cut the paper into strips to make the fence and distressed in between the panels. Stamped the finished fence with Friendship writing.Can you see the elegant brocade peeping through the fence? Check out what tucked inside the owls feathers.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and please check back tomorrow it's world cardmaking day and I proud to say that I will be featured on CAARDvarks blog as a guest designer. Here is their link for more exciting details.

Supplies from Hero Arts: K5058 Friendship Message (on fence) K5107 Screen shadow (on frog) K5243 Elegant Brocade (behind fence) K5059 Big Owl LP119 Lilly Pad Greetings (frog) S5101 Woodgrain (fence and owl)

ATC - Artist Trading Cards

Check out Hero Arts Flickr group tomorrow so you can sign up for the ATC swap!! You will receive 9 trading cards from other members from all over the states. Here is the link to sign up and don't delay because there is a cap on how many people can register.
See you tomorrow for another ATC that I can't wait to share with you!


Here is a card made with my Tuesday Tipster

Scroll down for my tip to see how to get the glossiness out of the paper on the right.

Tuesday Tipster #3

Hello All,
Sorry that this "tip" is late and I hope you find it useful. I like it because it's easier to stamp over the area where the embossing was and it's more of a matte look which I really prefer.
Don't forget to click on the page to enlarge it. Hugs,Kathy


CAARDvarks Saturday Sketch #7 2 of 2

Well this is my last post and it's so late or I should say... so's 2:35 am. I've been with my twin sissy all day so didn't have much time to work on any cards. I really am in awe with all the creative entries at CAARDvards and I can't wait to see who wins some of the great prizes.
Have a great weekend! Hugs,Kathy

CAARDvarks Saturday Sketch #7 1 of 2

This sketch was the hardest for me for some reason although it has been a fun week working with wonderful sketches. This stamp is one of the new clings stamps at Hero Arts .


CAARDvarks Friday Sketch #6

I had to make a B.D. card for my twin sissy and today 's sketch for CAARDvarks was perfect for the stamps I wanted to use on her card. I knew I wanted the 3 squares in the sketch to be triptych so I cut the vase with sunflowers into thirds. For the pattern on the sofa and the rug I stamped with some of Hero Art's new stamps. The chair, lamp and table are from PapertreyInk. The maroon leopard paper is from the backside of a Neiman Marcus ad. I made the fringes on the rug from embroidery floss. I hope you all have a great weekend. This 7 day challenge is coming to a close and it's really been fun! Thanks for checking our my blog :)


CAARDvarks Thursday Sketch #5

This card was very difficult to photograph and it's late at night. Click on the Flickr slideshow to see it more clear there. (So annoying) Anyway This was inspired by is her card. ""> huh!! I had some butterflies leftover from my Tuesday Tipsters so with that and remembering Virginia's card...I had a plan for Thursday's sketch at CAARDvarks. Just needed the time. I hope Virginia's card link works ...sorry ..I need to learn how to give a link properly so maybe after this 7 day challenge I'll have a minute. Have a great weekend! Hugs,Kathy
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