Two Cards for DAY ONE

Hello Friends, I hope you had a great weekend. Today it's my turn on the Penny Black blog so I created TWO cards for you. This weeks challenge is all about frames and borders.

After cutting my die cut frame on this card I used the negative image to create another framed card for my second card.
MIss  You
 Before we get started I must tell you that the Sew Easy is back in stock here. I used their piercing mat  and the Sew Easy tool to score the random lines on the front of my card. The mat works better than a mouse pad for me because it has lines and dots to guide me. Love the color too and the threads. (no this is not an ad for the Sew Easy) After I pierced and completed my sewing I set it aside to finish the frame part of my card.
(Here is a tutorial if you would like on on the Sew really is easy )
MIss  You

I hope in the next photo might clear up any confusion?? Below you will see the supplies too. I colored and cut my images, punched my clouds and glued the image the white card base. I also cut another Fleur De Lis square from Spellbinders and scored it an inch from the top for the back of my card.


I used some foam to raise the "window" off of the card to create my little scene. The flower and flower pot I used Tombow markers and stamped onto the pot. The mouse and background I used Copic makers. Did you see my hedgehog coloring tutorial here. You can apply the same tips on the mouse.

This photo shows how I created the negative image for my card below. After die cutting the Fleur De Lis from my rectangular card stock I thought why not create another card with the negative. In this photo the flower does not touch the sentiment...I just have to point that
Hello Friend
Keep in mind the negative is more fragile so you want to pace yourself & not work as quickly as you might usually. I inked up this letter background stamp with some distress ink and stamped on my negative. Use a sponge dauber for small areas like this to add distress ink (walnut) to highlight the pretty pattern on the negative edges of the Fleur De Lis square die

Hello Friend

Before you mount the negative on some green paper add some more detail. Score some lines, sew and distress your scored lines to add more texture and elements to your card.
Also prepare your sentiment before you glue down all of your elemtns on your card. I used this die cut for the sentiment. Distressing the die really adds to it too.

I added some hand stitching to the corners to carry up the design and add to the overall balance of the card too. It's so quick and easy and worth the extra effort.


I love Glossy Accents and use it on every card. Now Glossy Accents is available in small containers finally. I added some to the center of "Cheerful" flower from Penny Black. This flower was colored with Copics first and I added some highlights with Tombow markers.
I will be back tomorrow with two more cards for this weeks challenge at the Penny Black Blog.

Did you add your name to this list to enter for a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate to the Simon Says Stamp Superstore?

See you tomorrow and thank YOU for visiting. Hugs, Kathy

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a tutorial on coloring Penny Black hedgehogs

Hello Friends, How is your holiday weekend going?  I hope you are seeing some warm weather and sunny skies. I have been as busy as a bee helping a friend re-accessorize her house. What I do is move all her accessories, maybe furniture and pictures around plus do some de- cluttering. Such a good feeling to see the results and they are so grateful.

As I promised I am here to share with you how I like to color my hedgehogs .

Start with your lightest color (E50) and fill in 80% of your image. Notice that I try to stay away from the center of the belly.
From the outside edges you want to bring some color into your image. I like to call it sweeping. When you sweep you push down your broom and as you being to sweep you lift the broom up. This is the motion that works best with your marker. Sweep a darker color (E31) from the edges into the center.

Take the light color again that you started with (E50) and sweep it over the color that you just laid down (E31) to blend the colors. Add your color to the cheeks.  As a rule I always use  (RV10) on the cheeks I color.
Sometimes I add a little (RV10) to the hands and toes and stomach.

Sweep more E31 into the image from the outside edges into the center still trying to leave that white spot in the center.
Add some darker color to the "needles" on the hedgehog. (E25, E17) Just a quick flick of the brush tip should do the trick.
I felt that I needed more color so I swept in some  color with E31.
I swept the entire image with E50 to blend the colors.
Usually I don't use the colorless blender (0) to remove color on my image but, today I did. I wanted to lighten up the belly and it worked beautifully. I just swept with the brush tip from the right side towards the belly.
( I always have a starting point where I place my tip and it's always at a line) Does that make sense??
I always make the eye a little larger and the nose too.
If you click on any of these photos you can see them larger.
Many times I have to leave my studio in the middle of a project so it gives me the opportunity to give my image a second look. I decided to add more color to the "needles" on his body.

I hope you find this information useful and if I didn't explain something well enough or if you have a question please send me an email.  You will find it in the upper right hand corner of my blog.
Did you happen to catch my give away in my last post? Enjoy the rest of your holiday if you live in the US otherwise have a happy Sunday. Hugs, Kathy
P.S. Next week I hope you will stop by I will be featured on the Penny Black Blog tues, wed and thurs.


"Baby Shower" for Heidi at Simon Says Stamp & a Giveaway

Hello Friends! Today's post is a fun one for me because Heidi's friends and I are throwing her a "Baby Shower" and to celebrate this special occasion I have a $25.00 gift certificate to Heidi's super store at Simon Says Stamp.

Baby Girl
Heidi is the President of Simon Says Stamp, she's adorable, so lovable and she just had a sweet baby Abby.  Jennifer, Nicole, Vicky and I all have cards to share with you to welcome Heidi's new addition to their family. Just click on their names below.

Lily Pad just did a wonderful interview of Heidi  here. I really enjoyed reading about how Simon Says Stamp was created and where the name came from etc.

If you are wondering how I created the "wall paper" background you can read about it in this post. Later this weekend I will have a  step by step photo tutorial on how I color my hedgehogs.

I hope that you all have a happy holiday with GOOD weather. There has been such horrific weather around the world that's just devastating and I hope that you have NOT been affected in any way. Have a great weekend and I am always grateful you take the time to stop by. Hugs, Kathy

JUST LEAVE A COMMENT on the list below &
WIN A $25.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE to the Simon Says Stamp Super Store.


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